Sunday, November 19, 2006

Time Travel

It's fun going through old pictures taken at cons. It's like traveling back in time to a less complicated world. Here I am about 20 years ago with Ladonna and Lisa, two fans from East Tennessee at the time. This may have been aChattacon. Last time I saw them was in Atlanta in 1990 just before I pretty much gave up cons for a while.

We had a small, but active group back in Roane County. I still see a couple of the guys from time to time, Roger and Scott. I haven't seen any of the rest of the crew since about 1984.

The last Chattacon I attended was in 1984, the year of the Great Ice Storm. Roger and I went down for Saturday only. It started snowing as we started home and was getting very enthusiastic by the time we made it to Kingston. That night the temperature plummeted to below 0 and the roads from Chattanooga were a skating rink. The return for some folks from Chattanooga, which is normaly a 90-minute drive, took eight hours. Nashville fans had to contend with Monteagle Mountain going home.

Some of my old friends from those days are gone now. Irv Koch and Dave Shockley for example. Bob Tucker just a few weeks ago. Many others I have just lost track of as I drifted away from Fandom. Maybe we'll encounter each other again. If anyone who remembers reads this, drop me a line.


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