Monday, December 11, 2006


It is continually amazing how out of touch with the real world Hollywood continues to be. Latest example is last night's episode of Cold Case. A 2000 murder case leads to Nashville and two detectives are sent to work on it. Of course there is duscussion about who will go. "That's in a Red state, isn't it?" asks one of the tolerent members of the group. Another comments he "never goes south of the Mason-Dixon line'" Really open-minded, aren't they? When the detectives arrive at the Nashville police department they are met by a lieutenant of detectives who goes by the name "Big Daddy" and wears a cowboy hat. (The only "Big Daddy" I know comes from the north.) It's obvious the only knowledge of the South the writers have comes from old Tennessee Williams plays, and most of his were set in Louisiana.

This is all too typical of the attitude the media elite have toward "fly over" country. And it's why network viewership continues to decline each year. Well, they get what they deserve.


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