Thursday, December 14, 2006

Fondly Frankenstein

The month of December figures in the history of Young Frankenstein. Terri Garr (photo left) was born on December 11 and just celebrated her 59th birthday (may she have many more). But this film wasn't her only brush with Science Fiction. In 1968 she had a prominent role in an episode of Star Trek entitled Assignment: Earth. In 1977 she played Richard Dreyfys's wife in Close Encounters Of The Third Kind. But her performance as Inga remains my favorite.

But not all of December's association with YF are happy. The day after Terri's birthday, Peter Boyle, who played Frederick Frankenstein's creature, passed away. Boyle played many roles in film and television during his career, but his comic turn as the Monster was a high point.

Marty Feldman, the hunchback Igor, died on December 2, 1982. He had just finished filming scenes for the pirate comedy Yellowbeard. Madeline Kahn, Elizabeth, died December 3, 1999. She had been appearing in a regular role on Cosby.
Young Frankenstein is one of the two best horror spoofs ever made, the other being Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein. Both films use splendid casts to create classic entertainment and the pair would make a good double feature. So take some time to sit back and relive the great moments of comedy and again appreciate the splendid talents of Terri Garr, Peter Boyle, Marty Feldman and Madeline Kahn. Not to mention all those other guys in the darn thing.


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