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A Startling Robot Runs Amuck

The fourth issue of Startling Stories features a marvelous rampaging robot by H. V. Brown, that could easily have been by Paul. The red background combined with the gold robot stand out making for an eye-catching cover.
This issue of Vol. 2, number 1, a rather odd sequence since this is only July of 1939. So a half year makes up one volume in Startling Stories universe.
The guest editorial this issue is "See Earth First" by Willey Ley, a name familiar to any Space fan growing up in the 1950s. Ley points out vast areas of the Earth's surface that were still unexplored in 1939.
"Giants From Eternity" is this issue's novel, penned by Manly Wade Wellman (1903-1986). "Five Geniusus of the Past Are Summoned to Face and Defy the Future's Challenge!" Illustrations are by Jack Binder (1902-1988) this time around.
The first short this issue, that inspired the cover, is "Robot A-1" by Oscar J. Friend (1897-1963), illustrated by Alex Schomburg (1905-1998). "The Metal Man Was On Trial for His Life--But the State Claimed He Didn't Have One."
Jack Binder returns with "They Changed The World", this month featuring 'Leonardo Da Vinci The Universal Genius'.
Then Scientifiction Hall Of Fame story is "The World Without Name" by Edwin K. Sloat, originally published in 1931. "Science Unlocks the Gateway to an Unknown Realm--Then Seals It Forever." The illustration is by Mark Marchioni. (Information supplied by Juri.)
"The Ether Vibrates" comes next with letters from Manly Wade Wellman, Thomas S. Gardner, George Aylesworth, N. Willmorth, Norman Birnbaum, Karl Klondike, Arnold Wood, Richard Irwin Meyer, Sam Yampolsky, Langley Searles, Jack C. Dean and Blaine R. Dunmire.
Mort Weisinger's (1915-1978) "Thrills In Science" features Dr. James Simpson who developed chloroform; Alfred Russell Wallace, a pioneer in the field of evolution; and George Westinghouse and the development of air brakes.
The next short story is "The Life Battery" by Eando Binder, illustrated by Paul. "An Elderly Doctor Harnesses the Forces of Science--and Dies Twice in a Lifetime.
Next come the "Science Question Box" and the crossword puzzle and continues with the "Review of the Science Fiction Fan Publications". Zines reviewed this time are Ad Astra, edited by Mark Reinsberg; New Worlds by Ted Carnell with associate editors including Arthur C. Clarke; Scienti-Snaps from Walter E. Marconette; D'Journal from Bob Tucker; Spaceways by Harry Warner, Jr.; New Fandom from Sam Moskowitz, William S. Sykora, Raymond van Houten, Mario Racic and James V. Taurasi; The Futurian Review edited by Fred Pohl; Fantasy News by James V. Taurasi; Science Fiction News Letter from Richard Wilson, Jr.; and , too late for review, The Science Fiction Fan by Olon F. Wiggins and Le Vombiteur by Robert W. Lowndes. The final feature is "Meet The Author", a self-portrait by Manly Wade Wellman.
Startling was in to the second half of its first year of publication and was showing s lot of talent in its writers pool. Greater days lay ahead.


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